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Ant McCarthy

(2016 March) Ant McCarthy will be lighting up Oliver! in April.

Aymeric d'Hérouël

(October 2016) Aymeric d'Hérouël steps out as Katurian, in The Pillowman, which runs 5-9 October 2016 in Mersch.

Brian Parker

(September 2016) Brian Parker directs, acts and enjoys the technical aspects too of putting on a show. In October 2016 he will be the lighting and sound technician for The Pillowman.

Bjorn Clasen

(September, 2015) NWTC committee member, Artemios Vogiatzis  catches up with director of Fifty!, Bjørn Clasen,  to find out a little more about what makes him tick ...

Catriona Gillham

May 2017: Catriona Gillham will run the lighting for And Go to Innisfree during its run at Bourglinster and FEATS 2017

Fionn McNulty Seery

Fionn McNulty-Seery - Youth Group Five Fanstastic Tales from Around the World Group 4 Leader—The Secret Garden.

Gav Guilfoyle

(2016, April) Gav Guilfoyle talks about his love of theatre and reasons for choosing to direct Pillowman in October 2016.

Giampaolo Spedo

May 2017: Giampaolo Spedo will run sound for NWTC's production of And Go to Innisfree...

Graeme du Fresne

(2015- June) NWTC will host the 90th Luxembourg European Anglophone Theatre Summer School (LEATSS, formerly known as Munsbach) this year. We catch up with the School’s director, Graeme du Fresne, who returns for his 20th time!

Hilary Brown

Hilary Brown has assisted many productions by sewing some incredible costumes. In October 2016 she will help the team on The Pillowman with costumes.

Holly Fraser

(2016, March) Holly Fraser - Youth Group Five Fantastic Tales from Around the World - Group 2  Leader  - The Two Brothers.

Ivan Padilla Loza

(2016 March) Ivan Padilla Loza has the enormous task of being the Stage Manager for Oliver!  New to Luxembourg, we find out a little more about his experience and enjoyment of theatre.

Jack Guilfoyle

(2016, April) Jack Guilfoyle played Oliver in Oliver!

Janice Dunn

(January, 2016) Janice Dunn, the director and author of  Finding Sophie talks with NWTC

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