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(2015 May)As the 2014-5 NWTC Youth Theatre comes to a close, we chat with Magnus Chan. As one of the longest standing members of NTWC Youth Theatre, Magnus has participated since its inception in 2007. Now 17, Magnus recently took part in NWTC’s Oh What a Lovely War.


How long have you been a member of NWTC and why did you join?

I have been a member for seven to eight years now; it certainly doesn’t feel that long though, time flies.  I joined with a friend of mine because I'd recently discovered my love for acting and performing and wanted to start an actual acting course.

What is most challenging for you as an actor? What is most enjoyable?

The most challenging thing has to be the rehearsal schedule in the week or two before thePerformance. The rehearsals are quite long and occasionally stressful; sometimes you're not needed, but they’re usually fun, and my fellow actors have never failed to entertain me during these rehearsals anyway. (Plus they’re useful and a huge commitment for the directors, so we always greatly appreciate that). I enjoy pretty much every aspect of being an actor, but the most enjoyable parts are the feeling of the group as one, so a family and the performance itself. For me, the thrill of acting in front of a live audience is unmatched. It’s just such fun to do, especially in a group as fun as ours.

What, in an ideal world, would you really like to be involved in – what would be your ideal role, which play is it that you would love to do?

Hmmm, that’s a good question and I've previously thought about it. I've come up with two  ideal choices: A murder mystery, 'The Mousetrap' for example where I'd love to play the murderer as I think it would be quite fun and interesting. I'd also enjoy performing in a Comedy of some sort, maybe a romantic comedy where I would (obviously J) play the Protagonist (or one of them).

What is your overall impression/memory of the youth group?

The youth group has always been a very dynamic, fun and overall welcoming group of young people who laughed a lot and talked loudly. In a sense we've always been kind of like a family. Of course people come and old members leave, but everyone is welcome here. There has been a lack of older teenagers (around my age) though, which I can understand because of schoolwork and having to get up early after a long night on Friday, but it’s definitely possible, because I've been managing, so I hope that more older teens will join, but it's still great fun to have the younger ones around too.

If you could define NWTC in three words what would they be?...

Fun(ny), energetic, determined

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