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Helping us


At the core of NWTC is the energy, commitment and desire of our members. These theatre enthusiasts are what drive the Club.  If you ever want to help out but are not sure how please just get in touch with Chris Albrecht, the Chair of NWTC who will be more than happy to find out if anyone needs help at that time. Don't be shy!  There are many ways in which you can participate/contribute to the Club. 

The Club will help you to learn any necessary skills - most of the people who carry out these roles at the moment had never done so before joining NWTC!  You can also look at NWTC's current show as well as upcoming show pages. Don't be afraid, if you would like to have a go get in touch ( to find out what opportunities there are to get involved in NWTC's productions.

Behind the scenes...

Building the set of Fifty! and Husbands Supplied, October 2015: Karl Pierce,set designer (left) putting final touches to door,  Andrew Stewart , who plays David and Bjørn Clasen, director (above) checking risers and setting lights.


Behind the scenes of Peter Pan, April 2014: Ant McCarthy (lighting design and technician) testing out Captain Hook's boat and  Chris Wilson (assistant director )testing Michael Darling's bed

Every crew is different depending on the play requirements.  Roles which might interest you could be ... artists (scene design), costume designers and makers. dance coaches and choreographers, directors, editors, events’ managers, hair designers and stylers, hospitality personnel, lighting designers and technicians, make-up designers and artists, musicians, organisers, poster designers, printers, producers, programme designers, prop designers, researchers and creators, publicity planners, researchers, set designers and builders, singing coaches, sound designers and technicians, stage managers, van drivers and voice coaches… the list is endless!

Running of the Club

Finding venues, keeping accounts, taking minutes, running the bar, collecting and selling tickets, updating our website, sending mailshots, advertising notices, organising barn, sourcing/sorting costumes and props ... another list which is endless ... the help you can give to support the functioning and administration of the Club. If you want to help us you can! Drop a line to

  barn (set and props) clearning and reorganisation

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