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Cafe Villon


Next Cafe Villon tbc but probably will be held on 4 July 2018 - contact John Brigg for further information (

Feedback on Cafe Villon:

Catriona Gillham feedback from 29 January 2018

Audience member's feedback from 28 November 2017


Previous evenings of Cafe Villon:


Advert for Cafe Villon 11 April 2018

Advert for Cafe Villon 29 January 2018

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Background to Cafe Villon


Next Cafe Villon


Date:                                     4 July 2018

Venue:                                 Foyer Européen, 12 rue Heinrich Heine, L-1720 Luxembourg-Gare (Salle Adenauer)*
More information:       John Brigg tel. 691 636 631 / email jbrigg at

Important If you’re intending to come along as “audience”, could you please let Rose Flammant know  (Rose at so that she can ensure the Foyer doorkeeper will let you in.


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