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Review written by Barbara Hall 


Marbled Dolls by Sultana Raza is a dramatised fable with a host of exotic characters—a witch, a giant, a hermit, a bard, a jester, clowns, acrobats, a fire-eater, good and bad trees and a magical bedroom door, to name but a few—and equally exotic adventures awaiting its main protagonists, the traveller Aslahar and the singer Shanara who, true to form, are finally united and, we hope, live happily ever after in the manner of the best fairy tales. This particular tale echoes the traditional pantomime with a further fantasy element: it is written entirely in rhyming couplets, the form heightening the enchanted elements of the story—an enchantment which was enthusiastically rendered by a small group of NWTC aficionados assembled at Valerie Scott’s residence on 3 May to read—or sing—the play. Staging this epic would be beyond the scope of any theatre company, but we could all see it taking shape as a radio play or even as an animated movie (Pixar, were you listening?). Here in Luxembourg, great fun was had by all. Congratulations, Sultana!


New World Theatre Club Luxembourg