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Review of Marbled Dolls

written by Helena O’Hare



My average Wednesday doesn’t usually involve sitting around a table with some familiar and unfamiliar faces to embark on the reading of a script full of magical and crazed characters on flights of fancy, fantasy and adventure. On Wednesday, 2 May, however, Sultana Raza’s ‘The Marbled Dolls’ delivered all of that… and then some. 

Gathered around Valerie Scott’s table, we followed the paths of Aslahar, Shanara, and Kirikita and Rugermayne through the Koruta Moorlands in the kingdom of Undor. Suspense, drama, comic relief and romance all made their timely appearances. Roles were assigned and reassigned and everyone read a variety of roles and sang, entertained and showcased their weird, wonderful and often scary sound effects. Trees hissed and sighed, songs cast spells, doors creaked and groaned, and dogs howled. 

 We crossed seas, encountered traitors and liars, rescued our heroes and put the world to rights. It’s never a bad thing to see good overcome evil in your front room and then sit back and celebrate with some bread and cheese and a glass of wine, kindly provided by Valerie. 

The playwright herself was a most gracious audience – no easy feat when you know your characters’ every move. A lively discussion ensued and Sultana welcomed the groups’ feedback and any advice. Sound effects add so much texture to the text and play an integral part in setting the scene that it was suggested that it would work extremely well as a radio play with some good narration to add the fine and exquisite details on magical rings, the setting and the back story. 

Even though good did overcome evil and all was well in Undor, Sultana deliberately left the play open-ended. She’s not yet done with Lord Damari… A sequel perchance?

Not your average Wednesday, no, but wouldn’t it be fun if it was! 

Thanks to Sultana, Valerie and everyone there for the mid-week adventure and fun.

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg