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"The  End of the Food Chain" by Tim Firth

4th June 2015 

Title: The End of the Food Chain
Author: Tim Firth
Genre: Comedy
Time: 19.30pm
Date: 4th June
Address: Chris & Les Wilson's home. Please contact Chris Wilson to get more details and confirm attendance.
If you would like to take part please contact us no later than 3 days before the event as we need to know how many people will be attending.
Synopsis: Welcome to the 'animal shift' at Kale Moor grocery distribution depot. Under the imaginative guidance of Bruce, "The Gamesmaster", work here is an endless round of food sports, (sprout tag, smartie-and-flan-base tiddly winks, frozen fish swordfighting) sarcasm and juvenile humour, much enjoyed by the all-male night-shift workers. But a major change is due, for their new colleague is not a born games player and is — even worse — a woman.

The End of the Food Chain homes in on the world of dead-end labour. In comparison with the experience of the young men who work the nocturnal 'animal shift' in the huge food distribution warehouse where the play is set, you'd have thought a career in McDonald's would seem like a glistening window of opportunity. In fact, thanks to the subversive humour and energy of their ring leader, Bruce the place is turned into the 'Narnia of Stockport', the grotto of the never-ending dinner break.

After the arrival of Debbie relations are reasonably civilised, but during a role-playing murder-mystery session the gloves come off and a few surprises are in store. This is a wildly funny play as you would expect from Tim Firth, sharply observed and peopled with vivid, likeable characters.

As this is a full length play we will only be picking out selected scenes to read, but there should be a few lines and a few laughs in store for anyone who comes along!



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