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An Untraditional American Holiday by Michael Watson

Synopsis:  A group of tourists of different nationalities arrive at a hotel in Germany.
But due to Humour and Language problems, it?s not long before
misunderstanding leads into a comical farce,  with an unsurprising ending.
An Untraditional America Holiday is a comedy for all the family.

1st playreading took place on 28 April 2015, hosted by Valerie Scott and Philip Dutton

2nd playreading took place on 23 November 2015: Thanks to Michael Watson and Valerie Scott for hosting  a successful and enjoyable play-reading of “An Untraditional American Holiday” by Michael Watson. Held upstairs at Oscars bar, the play-reading was very well-attended. Michael reflected that it “was enjoyed by all, and is a potential play for the future. Next year, it is hoped that it will be read for a third time and that real American, Italian and German actors attend, so we get an idea of how the play is going to work. I look forward to hearing from any American, Italian or German actors who would be interested in attending”.  (Further details


New World Theatre Club Luxembourg