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Play readings and Cafe Villon


The last playreading was  "Dance with me" by Alireza Gholamishilsar (drama) on 15.2.2017.

If you have already written to express your interest, you need not write again. If you haven't yet done so, please contact chair(at)nwtc(dot)lu to register your interest

Synopsis of "Dance with me"
A man who escapes the horrors of oppression and fear of his distant homeland finds refuge in a peaceful little country - but finds no peace of mind.   Alireza's script is based on personal experience.


Aside from just a lovely excuse to get together for a social evening, play readings are a great way to explore potential plays without any pressure of performance, gain confidence and experience reading the text aloud in a relaxed and informal setting. Members are invited to host play readings.  Notifications of play readings will be posted on the website and members will receive a mailshot. Members who have an idea for a play reading and/or would be happy to host one,  please contact committee(at)nwtc(dot)luor Valerie Scott (valerie(at)nwtc(dot)lu)  who will be happy to chat with you about it.

You can see our previous play readings here and can be inspired by some of the plays members have here.


Cafe Villon evenings:

The next Café Villon – the NWTC club evening named after its original venue – has been scheduled and the plays chosen. They are the first instalment of the prize winners from this year’s LEAPA Playwriting competition as well as a “surprise” workshop performance, so all new writing and all ready for their first proper outing.



For those new to the concept, Café Villon provides a platform for directors and actors to work on a piece of theatre and put it on in front of a live audience. The idea is not to present the work at performance level but as a rehearsed play reading with scripts. The actors will have an understanding of the text and the action, thus making the experience more satisfying than just a reading. And the “audience” are also free to participate!

After each presentation there is a general discussion about the piece with the director and actors enabling feedback and insights – and possibly some reworking. This will be followed by a break for drinks and chat before going on to the next piece.

Café Villon is an informative and entertaining social evening for people interested in theatre to meet in a relaxed and friendly way. Although an NWTC evening, it is open to the public so please feel free to bring friends and pass this information on to others who might be interested.

Date:                                     Tuesday 28th November 2017 at 7:30 pm
Venue:                                 Foyer Européen, 12 rue Heinrich Heine, L-1720 Luxembourg-Gare (Salle Adenauer)*
More information:       John Brigg tél. 691 636 631 / email jbrigg at

* Important If you’re intending to come along as “audience”, could you please let Rose Flammant know by 27th November at the latest (Rose at so that she can ensure the Foyer doorkeeper will let you in.


Background information about cafe villon - click here



NWTC used to run "Cafe Villon evenings". What happens during a Cafe Villon evening?  It varies, but generally, 2-3 directors choose a piece they would like to 'put on' in front of a live audience. The "piece" could be anything with dramatic content: an extract (or a few short ones) from a play, from poems, new writing, etc. The idea is not to present the work at performance level but more like a rehearsed play reading with scripts and with the actors having a reasonable understanding of the text and what is happening during the scene(s). The piece could be put on anywhere in a room, a stage doesn't have to be used at all. 

Valerie Scott and John Brigg organised a relaunch of these on 21 April 2016.  With each piece running around 30 minutes, there was a discussion after with the directors, actors and audience.  Chris Wilson, John Brigg and Mike West directed the first three plays during this relaunch.

How does it work?

Directors themselves choose the piece they would like to work on and which can be from any genre.  Currently, a list of over 150 plays is being added to the NWTC website which will be able to be viewed by NWTC members and may give you an idea of a play you'd like to 'play with'.  More details about how to access the list of scripts will follow soon. 

Directors need not be experienced but must be willing to 'have a go' and organise a few rehearsals and give some guidance to the actors. Such rehearsals will take place in people's homes at a time convenient to those involved in the piece. If directors would like advice on how to go about things, there will be people available to do this.    

The next Cafe Villon will be on June 21st.  For more information please contact Valerie(at)nwtc(dot)lu or jbrigg(at)pt(dot)lu.

Click here for background information about Cafe Villon



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