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Fionn McNulty-Seery - Youth Group Five Fanstastic Tales from Around the World Group 4 Leader—The Secret Garden.

We chose this story partly because it had the right amount of characters for our group and partly because some of the characters resembled the actors.  The group’s ages ranged from 10 to 16. It was fun but really hard to work during the week as it wasn’t always easy to communicate outside of the workshops and sometimes it was hard because of school work too. Another challenge was that one of the members of the group left Luxembourg just three weeks ago so we had to reallocate parts very late in the process. I enjoyed leading and it was an interesting experience. I got to see how other people perform and found I could help them . It made me a little more introspective as  it made me think too how I look when I act. I  would like to take part in a play where the whole group works together too.


New World Theatre Club Luxembourg