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May 2017: Giampaolo Spedo will run sound for NWTC's production of And Go to Innisfree...

What inspired you to help as a technician on this play?

I looked at the audition call first, but then I saw they were looking for three actresses; since my  multifarious talents do not stretch that far, I read further, and noticed they were also looking for a sound designer. I've already chosen music for university productions in Italy, and experimented with sound in the directing course I'm following at the Conservatoire here in Luxembourg, so why not?

What is the process you work through to decide how to support the play technically?

Reading the text was the first step, then came discussiing various solutions with the director, searching for (and editing) music and sound, and experimenting with them during rehearsals.

Have you enjoyed working as a technician and would you like to do it again?!

Very, so far: I'm aware that stress and complications will grow with the performances getting near and nearer, but it's part of the deal, so no regrets.

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