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Hilary Brown has assisted many productions by sewing some incredible costumes. In October 2016 she will help the team on The Pillowman with costumes.

1. Within a backstage capacity, what have you worked on before (or is this your first venture into backstage work) and, generally speaking, what do you enjoy about this area of work?

As many of you will know I have been involved with the costume team on many productions now over several years and I have met many  new people who have been involved with costumes as well.  I enjoy being part of the life of the theatre and the productions without actually being on stage in the limelight.  It is also a bonus to know that the costumes you have found will help with the realisation of a production.

2. How are you preparing for the task ahead in Pillowman and what do you see as the most enjoyable/challenging aspect this play has with regard to your work?

When Gavan asked me to do the costumes for Pillowman I wasn't sure about it but it has been a nice team to work with, with different people in the cast as well as people I know so it has been a pleasure.

It doesn't matter how big or small the play or musical is, it is still a challenge and keeps me busy in my old age! So if you need something to do during the winter months and you can

sew a bit then please contact me or anyone on the committee and you can be part of it too.


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