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(2016, April) Jack Guilfoyle played Oliver in Oliver!

What do you like most about the character you play?

Well, I like that my character is very curious, he's never seen these wonderful things before. He does not know what's coming, it's all new for him, he's just really curious about what's going on around him. He's a bit scared but he's also very happy about what's going on.

What have you enjoyed most about the rehearsal process?

Well, I've really enjoyed meeting all the new people and having new friends because during the rehearsals I have had a little time to meet up with everyone and there's a lot of people in the show and that is the best part.

What has been the hardest thing to do when preparing for this role?

Well, there is quite a lot of lines to learn but honestly to be Oliver is quite difficult because you have already seen and rehearsed the scenes many, many times but you still have to act out every time like you've never seen them before and that this is the first time. But that's acting I suppose.

The hardest part though was learning all of the lines, cos Oliver has a lot of lines and to get that all into your head and remember it takes a bit. You have to try and get used to being the character of Oliver, like, you don't just get it straight away, you have to feel like you're that person. You have to be curious but also a bit scared about what might be coming.


New World Theatre Club Luxembourg