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John Evans joins the cast of The PIllowman, which runs from 5-9 October 2016 in Mersch.

Which character do you play and is he/she like you?

I play Detective Tupolski and I would hope that he is nothing like me!

 The Pillowman is both comical and dark. How do you prepare yourself for a play such as this and what has been the most challenging aspect to work on?

I think you have to try and bring out the lighter, humorous moments in the darkness; otherwise there's a danger that it's all just a bit too grim. It’s a great play so it’s down to us to do that. And our director Gav has really had us working on this aspect: "Keep it light!". As for the challenge, well, for me, I have not done any acting since I was at university, so it has been a steep learning curve getting back on the stage.

Without giving anything away, what is your favourite line in the play?

There are lots of very good lines in the play, so it's tough to pick out just one and even more difficult to pick one out without giving anything away. I would say to look out for Tupolski's line to Katurian about Latin.

Have you enjoyed bringing this script to life? Will you be back for more?!

 I have really enjoyed working on the play and working with my cast-mates. It has been a very positive experience – so far at least! – so I may well be back for more.

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg