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(March 2016) Martina Sardinelli Youth Group - Five Fantastic Tales from Around the World -  Group 1 Leader—The Origin of Water.

I have enjoyed finding out about some elements of directing: it can be fun! It’s really nice to see the group do its best and to see the work develop. What I found challenging was working with younger participants and also not being able to use words. On the other hand, this meant that we had to focus much more on our bodies and movement. I learnt a lot about the neutral position and how to use facial expressions but I look forward to using voice again in acting. I would like more people my age to join youth theatre and to work alongside them. I enjoyed this year as it allowed me to connect with the group I worked with and make new friends but I would also like the opportunity to work on a big play again where everyone works as a whole group.

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg