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 Juliet Ostretova joins the cast of The Pillowman which runs in Mersch from 5-9 October 2016

Which character do you play and is he/she like you?

I'm lucky to have 3 absolutely different characters in this play - Boy (main character Katurian in his childhood), Jesus-girl and mute girl. Despite the fact that the roles are small, each one is very precious to me. In each character I was able to find something from myself. 

The Pillowman is both comical and dark. How do you prepare yourself for a play such as this and what has been the most challenging aspect to work on?

Of course, the play is quite gloomy but I, as a lover of black humour, fell in love with this play immediately and also director Gav Guilfoyle and assistant director/stage manager John Brigg helped me to be located in the atmosphere of "Pillowman". 

Without giving anything away, what is your favourite line in the play?

It was my lifelong dream to play Joan of Arc. And I found the similarity In Joan and Jesus girl such as a desperate Faith. So, this is my favourite line in the "Pillowman"

Have you enjoyed bringing this script to life? Will you be back for more?!

I'm having an amazing time working in this Project. Each rehearsal is very professional and really exciting, with atmosphere of kindness, respect and patience (For me as for the person who spent her whole life in another country, in Russia, and moved only 5 months ago to Luxembourg, it is especially important). I want to thank everyone who participates in this project! I hope to work again together!


New World Theatre Club Luxembourg