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2017, May: Rachel Lloyd plays the younger version of Anna in And Go to Innisfree which will be performed in Bourglinster at the end of May and is NWTC's official entry for FEATS 2017


What has interested you most about your character and this play?

I think the range of emotions behind each idea. Young Anna is mostly portrayed as this happy, energetic personality but Anna at her age has gone through so much loss in a short time that she also has this need to not be forgotten. In that need she tries to remind Old Anna of the fun she has as a child and the delicious memories of her family and home. Through the memories of Young Anna, Anna reminisces in the times when she seemed to be carefree and happy.

Have you enjoyed exploring this role?

I have! It's been an amazing experience for me to be able to explore a character that has so many layers yet appears to be this hidden memory. Finding Anna not only in my character but also in those of Old and Middle Anna has given me a whole new perspective on Anna herself.

If you were to sum up the play in one word, what would it be?!

Choice, or maybe Impetuous

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg