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Rose Flammant (February, 2016) As producer of Oliver and secretary of NWTC, Rose Flammant is a busy lady! She explains why she takes on such challenges.

What are you earliest memories of theatre?

My very first memory of theatre was a school play I saw when I was in the kindergarten or first school year. I vividly recall admiring my older schoolmates wearing fancy/surreal costumes acting onstage. How lucky they were! Unfortunately, professional theatres didn't exist in Hong Kong at the time, at least not before I left for Luxembourg. My first memories of theatre were school plays only. 

When did you start to get involved in putting on shows?

I remember picking up a flyer outside the chambers I worked  at early in  2007.  It was a flyer advertising four workshops: acting, dancing, singing and gymnastics. As I was due to start my leave of absence the month after, I decided to sign up for the acting workshop run by Tony Kingston to fill up my spare time. When Tony decided to put on A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the end of the workshop, he asked me if I would like to go onstage. Without hesitation, I declined. He then asked if I would stage manage it. Not knowing exactly what was involved, I boldly committed myself.

You have carried out a range of tasks (SM, costumes, committee member and now producer). What do you enjoy most and do you have a favourite role?

I agreed to take on the producer's role for Oliver with the promise that Valerie Scott and Chris Albrecht would be my mentor. I’m very grateful for their assistance which facilitates my producer’s role immensely. In general, I enjoy the learning process of all backstage roles. That was also the reason why I agreed to take on different roles the last years. ?It is hard to say what my favourite role was as I enjoyed all of them. I love learning new things and taking on challenges. It‘s very gratifying when things work out well. Of course, like everything else, there are always tasks involved in each role which I like less. 

We haven't seen you on stage! Do you think you might tread the boards at some point?

A few friends have already been teasing me about it the last years. Honestly, I don't know. There had been moments that I was very tempted to give it a go. For me, acting would be a new challenge, just like my other backstage roles. However, the fear of forgetting my lines on stage brought me back to my senses. If all goes according to plan, I shall attend LEATSS end July. Perhaps I would be able to make up my mind after that week!

What has been the greatest challenge of working on Oliver and what has been the most enjoyable aspect?

?Well, we are only mid-way through with our rehearsals. Greater challenges might still lie ahead. Due to the size of the cast, the greatest challenge for me so far is to find suitable and reasonably priced venues for full cast rehearsals. Watching young children acting, singing and dancing at the audition/rehearsals has been the most enjoyable aspect. 


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