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NWTC youth group member Tiernan Taylor  talks about his experience of acting with NWTC.

Why did you join the youth theatre?  

“I had taken part in the Irish plays at school and enjoyed them. The teachers together with my mum encouraged me to pursue acting further and I found out about NWTC’s youth group. I joined in 2009.”

What have you learnt during your time in youth theatre?

“When I started I was not used to projecting or working within a team. Now I find it easier to make myself be heard on stage and also to work with other people on stage.”

You have played many parts over the years. Do any stand out for you and, if so, why?

“In “Just another school shooting” I played Ryan who was in a wheelchair—it was a very interesting character to play not least because of having to find a new way to act physically. Tootles in “Peter Pan” was a particularly playful role: One night we struggled to get the Wendy House built and had to play our way out of that!  I enjoyed the arguments and way of responding we explored between the Lost Boys and Wendy. Last but not least, I really enjoyed myself during “Oh what a lovely war”. Having to act many characters was fun, being a plant pot bizarre and getting used to being shouted at by my teacher without laughing a challenge. However, it was learning how to tell the story of a soldier of the time, from enthusiastically joining up to the actual life in the trenches and ultimate sacrifice that was really interesting for me.”

This year you attended Summer School (LEATSS) for the first time. Which subjects did you choose and did you enjoy it?

“I chose “The New Commedia Dell Arte” (Mitch Mitchelson) and “Vocal Vitality & Choral Confidence” (Helen Ireland). It was great fun to concentrate on specific aspects of performance within a friendly and supportive environment. There was no stress, just fun!  I learnt about timing, the importance of listening in comedy and my singing improved generally throughout the week.  I learnt to sight-read a little and also understand more about rhythm which in turn also helped me with comedy.  I feel a little bit more confident. I think other youth members would enjoy LEATSS. It was different working alongside adults, strange but OK. They treated me as an equal and didn’t talk down to me at all. I was just another member of the group.”

What do you feel when you act?

“Before stepping on stage I feel nervous and sometimes even petrified! During the performance I have learnt to go with the flow and enjoy it. After the play … ecstatic!”

Finally, which three words would you use to sum up NWTC?

“Fun, exhausting and worthwhile.”



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