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(2016 March) Yisela Pérez-Figueroa Calvete is both the Assistant Stage Manager and Sound Technician for Oliver!. We speak to her about her experience and enjoyment of sound.

What was your first experience of theatre?

 It was when I got to be a microphone runner at “Miss Saigon” the musical, at the university production.

When did you become interested in sound and how did you learn about it?

It was at the university as well, when we produced “City of Angels”. It was the first time that we had live music with an orchestra of 30. Live music is truly a thrilling experience.

Who/what has inspired you?

When I started working the audio there was a Sound Engineer in Mexico, Salvador Tercero, he is a mentor to me and a friend. I believe he inspired me to take this path and continue working in the area of audio design engineering where I have been active and participating the last 15 years.

 What is the process you work through to carry out the sound in a show such as Oliver!?

 First of all, know the play, read the book if it based on a book of course, see the movie, see videos of previous performances (especially professional ones like those shows on at Broadway or London). Then read the script, learn the dialogues, characters and music. You have to,  at the same, time visit the theatre and get used to the equipment. Go to rehearsals, both acting and musical rehearsals, especially at the end. In summary learn the play and know how it should sound.

What are the challenges facing you in Oliver!?

Kids; working with Kids is always a challenge because their voices are usually not as developed as adults and you have to be more aware of them so you can adjust the balance and volume so the sound is a similar for all.

Is there a particular type of show you would really like to work on? ?

Musicals are my first passion and concerts are my second.


New World Theatre Club Luxembourg