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Shout Out 1! Youth Project


Refugees meet NWTC

Running from October 2016 until December 2016, NWTC (with support from OLAI and Altrimenti) is running a pilot, ten-week theatre programme aimed at helping youth refugees integrate with some of NWTC's youth group (15+).  The group meets for two hours each Saturday.  Led by Natalia Sanchez, members of NWTC are supporting either the artistic element (by offering warmups and some theatre exercises) and/or providing lunch for the group. This programme is the culmination of much ground-work between members of NWTC together with the refugee centres and supporting organisations.

Hot off the press!

Click here to read The Luxembourger Wort's article on the group which was published November 2016.


Setting up Shout Out!

Chris Albrecht, Chair of NWTC, explains why and how NWTC is offering possibilities for young refugees to participate in NWTC’s youth programme.

"In the face of increasingly dramatic accounts of the immigrants’ tortuous flight to peace, a few members got together and worked on the idea that NWTC has something quite special to offer newcomers from distant lands trying to integrate into Luxembourg’s highly complex society, linguistically and culturally. Your Chair subsequently registered an English language theatre workshop project with OLAI, the government organisation for integration – and got (albeit very limited) funding! And we are equally happy to say that the project has the support of our current co-director youth group leader, Natalia Sanchez.

The project’s characteristics are as follows:  

  • Name of project: SHOUT OUT!
  • Purpose: REFUGEE INTEGRATION THROUGH THEATRE WORKSHOPS IN ENGLISH – easing linguistic difficulties and social integration with the help of non-verbal acting techniques
  • Target:  Young asylum seekers aged between 14 and 18
  • Method : use of theatre techniques, mainly non-verbal and corporal expressions, and simple English as vehicular language, in order to help the young newcomers retrieve their identity, their voice, their strengths.  
  • When : from 1 October 2016, Saturdays 12.00-14.00
  • Where : Centre Altrimenti, Centre Convict, avenue Marie Thérèse, Luxembourg

We will be looking for additional open-minded and street-wise youngsters to join the group to help foster the feeling of integration; basic knowledge of Arabic or Farsi will be highly appreciated. "

NWTC’s Youth Group will be working hard to raise much needed additional funding for this project and during their performance of "A Modern Take on Five Fantastic Tales - stories from around the world"  on 12 March 2016 they raised EUR 364 to this end.

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