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Shout Out! - Integration project 2




by Alireza Gholamishilsar


The Play:  The synopsis of the play is:  A man who escapes the horrors of oppression and fear of his distant homeland finds refuge in a peaceful little country - but finds no peace of mind.

Alireza's script is based on personal experience. One of the play’s purposes is to raise awareness of the additional plight brought on by red tape but also of the benefits of embracing diversity.

“Dance With Me” is an adult integration project which AIKL brought to NWTC's attention in the course of its SHOUT OUT refugee youth theatre workshop of last year; NWTC is facilitating the production of this play.

Rehearsals: Commenced in May and will run through the summer with a show anticipated in September. Details to follow.



Further information:

Auditions: - will took place on 7 May, click here for more details

Play-reading: - took place on February 2017. NWTC organised a play-reading of "Dance with me" to explore ways in which it could be staged in Luxembourg. Read more details


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