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The Writing Group 2016-7


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Click here for August update by Alex McCafferty!

Following on from the Gauntlet last year (read about that by clicking here) - this year (2016-7) the group have decided that:  

the aim of the group is to enjoy exploring the processes of writing collaboratively by 

  • each meeting working through the exercises laid down in Noel Greig's "Playwriting - practical guide" and seeing what evolves and
  • occasionally, if individual members wish, sharing personal work centered around the theme "aliens in Luxembourg" for feedback
The group will meet up monthly and each participant will take turns in leading the group through Noel's exercises. The new venue (where you can get nibbles too!) is the Cafe Litteraire in Dommeldange - see
For further information please contact Rod McCall ( and/or Cecile Somers (

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