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Casting call - young girl and father

Posted by Julie Fraser (julie) on Apr 23 2018
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Casting call


Sebastian Thill is a student working on a film and looking for two actors – a 9-11 year-old girl and a father (see below for description).  He has cast all other roles. If you are interested, please contact Sebastian directly (

Synopsis : Dominus Sathanas

A young girl, named Susan, is invited to a party by her friend Liv. Though at first reluctant, she agrees to go.?During this party, she feels left out, as if she doesn’t really fit in. Her shy nature prevents her from properly enjoying herself. The large number of people, as well as the strange atmosphere of the party, overwhelms her. 

Things take a strange turn when Susan and Liv meet the host of party, Ambrose. Although he’s a friend of Liv’s, Susan barely seems to know him. He shows her a small, hidden room, and along with his pet goat, named Satan, he performs some kind of black mass as a joke, citing satanic prayers. 

Once she leaves the hidden room and joins the party again, Susan suffers a panic attack. This results in her having a breakdown and running away.?Hidden under a bridge, trying to comfort herself, she eats a cookie her father had given her before she had left home that evening. She had lied to her father, telling him she was going to sleepover. The cookies were given to her as a snack for the supposed sleepover night. 

She calls her father to pick her up, and breaks down crying in his arms, on the way home. 


 Remaining casting opportunities

- Olivia : Susan’s sister (around 9-11 years of age). A very playful and happy character, sharing a good relationship with her sister. Being in a different stage of life than Susan, she’s more open and inquisitive. ?

- Susan’s father : Kind and loving towards his daughters, though Susan notably trying to distance herself from him. He’s not quite sure how to deal with their relationship. ?


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