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Monologues for auditions

Posted by Julie Fraser (julie) on Feb 05 2017
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(Monologues - see below)

 NWTC will be hosting auditions for the FEATS 2017 entry,  And Go to Innisfree by Jean Lenox Toddie, directed by Christine Probst-Staffen.

Auditions will be held Monday, 6 February  9:30AM- 12 noon and Tuesday, 7 February 9:30-12 noon at Vedanza Dance Studio.  Please note that auditions and rehearsals will be held during the day. 

The play synopsis:  It is autumn.  An older woman appears on a deserted New England beach. She has come to make a decision, but will she make it alone? The middle aged matron she was argues her case for the comfort of a retirement home. The younger girl she was urges her to sit again and eat blue berries and study ants. What will she do?

Break down (playing ages)

Old Anna: (60+)

Young Anna: (18-25)

Anna: (35-45)

American accents are not necessary. However, actresses should choose one of the following pieces from the text to prepare.  Everyone will be required to stay the entire time.   Please contact Christine Probst  at to reserve an audition.

FEATS will be held in Frankfurt, Germany 2-5 June 2017. NWTC will also present the play here in Luxembourg in late May prior to performing at the competition.

Monologues for auditions


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