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Cast and Crew

The auditions were carried out on 19 September and casting took place straight afterwards.




Chief Bromden - Victor Bonanno

Dale Harding - David Mittel

Billy Bibbit - Thomas Mortimer

Scanlon - Bjorn Clasen

Cheswick - Kim Hermans

Martini - Aymeric d'Herouel

Ruckley - Philip Dutton

Randle P. MacMurphy - Gav Guilfoyle

Aide Warren - Michal Jan Maj

Aide Williams - Mark Bostock

DR. Spivey - Steve Wilkie

Nurse Ratched - Nina Leeuwarden

Nurse Finn - Helena O'Hare

Aide Turkle - John Brigg

Candy Starr - Amanda Bjorling

Sandra - Anne Louise Littlejohn




Director - Mike West

Asst. Director - Valerie Scott

Producer - Valerie Scott

Publicity - Kim Hermans

Set Construction - Philip Dutton

Sound Design - Brian Parker

Lighting Design - John Brigg and Catriona Gillam

Props - Katie Bull

Costumes - Hilary Brown

Stage Manager - Seth Ruef


If you would like to help with this production please contact for further information

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg