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Fri 18 – Mon 21 May                                                                


This year’s annual Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies will be hosted by BATS and takes place in the Fakkel Theatre, Antwerp. Twelve groups will perform during the main festival and there are additional performances during the Fringe. For more information please see 

Any questions for NWTC: write to NWTC representative - Valerie Scott (Valerie(at)nwtc(dot)lu) and/or FEATS enthusiast Pauline Lloyd (Pauline(at)nwtc(dot)lu) or committee(at)nwtc(dot)lu.


A message from BATS (FEATS organisers 2018)


All information about FEATS can be found on website 


The cosy, friendly FAKKEL Theatre where we are hosting FEATS2018 has only 211 seats available.

The theatre is now 50% booked.

So book early to avoid disappointment.  

  • ·Single Ticket: 22 EUR
  • ·Season ticket (4 nights): 72 EUR
  • ·Student (up to 25 years) single ticket: 17 EUR
  • ·Cast-n-crew tieckts: 52EUR - book this by sending an email to me at :   secretary(at)fms(dot)feats(dot)eu

(* These prices include the booking fee (2 EUR).) 


HOW DO I BUY MY TICKETS? : - Ssee our how to book manual on this page 




FREE FRINGE FESTIVAL !!! - seats free on a first-come-first-served basis -


PARTY !!! : And don't forget the Black-n-Gold-themed PARTY on Saturday night !!! :

There will be a buffet (bbq burge and salads) and for this we very much appreciate it if you can let us know howmany of you will be attending and if any of you are vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan/or whatever

We aim to have 4 options available meat / chicken / fish / vegetarian(bean-based)

Email : hospitality(at)fms(dot)feats(dot)eu


ANTWERP GUIDED WALK : Guided Walks are also available (one on Sunday, one on Monday) : book at the hospitality Desk, limited number of places available


HOSPITALITY STUFF : See the HOSPITALITY page we have details about

  • ·HOTEL information/Suggestions
  • ·Accesibility during the 2018 roadworks
  • ·LEZ - Low Emission Zone VERY important to read this if you plan to come by car - ALL FOREIGN CARS need to be registred to drive within the RING ROAD in ANTWERP - You should not need to pay unless you have a very old car. ONLY register your car on the official pages - Do not be fooled by any websites trying to sell you vignettes or stickers - YOU DON'T NEED ONE.
    ! WARNING: The website is selling vignettes to enter the LEZ by car. DON’T go for it. According to the police this is a widespread scam !


Antwerp is a pain - if you dont need to bring your car then don't. You can always opt to stay in a Hotel with free parking just outside the ring road and get the bus/tram/taxi into town.

See our hotel suggestions or ask for more information.


SPONSORSHIP £ $   : And finally No amateur theatre festival can be successful without the support of our community! Feel free to sponsor us -



New World Theatre Club Luxembourg