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Kulturhaus Mersch 26-29 May


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In 2022, May will be bursting out all over in Mersch, or actually, from the Kulturhaus theatre where FEATS 2022, The Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies, will be taking place.

It will be the New World Theatre Club’s turn to host the festival, a 4-day event with participants and festival goers from all over mainland Europe. Each evening, 3 groups will perform on the main stage, while an ‘off’ programme, The Fringe, will take place during the afternoons. To make it a real treat for theatre-lovers, an experienced professional theatre director will evaluate the performances at the end of each evening and offer a summing-up on the last night, highlighting the best of the festival.

FEATS is a wonderful opportunity to indulge in theatrical immersion, watching 3 plays each evening, discussing them with other enthusiasts afterwards and in the breaks, and enjoying the variety on offer on The Fringe. As well as meeting people from all over Europe. So note the dates: 26th to 29th May 2022.

There will be one major change to FEATS in 2022, it will be a festival without a competition. This will mean that adherence to restrictions will be considerably loosened and replaced by an innovative approach to performance and style of production. FEATS will fly into the 21st century and FEATS 2022 will be a real celebration of theatre.

The host group of FEATS is responsible for organising all aspects of the festival and for 2022, NWTC is setting up an organising committee to take on this task. At this stage only a handful of members are needed, the rest being added as required.

The committee will be headed by John Brigg.

The following posts need to be filled:


  • TREASURER - to manage the financial aspects 
  • SECRETARY - to keep records and ensure the flow of information 
  • FESTIVAL STAGE MANAGER - to manage the coordination between theatre and participating groups 
  • WEBWIZARD -  to set up and manage the festival website



  • HOSPITALITY COORDINATOR -  to look after the well-being of participants and guests 
  • FUND-RAISER -  to look for sponsorship and advertising 
  • PUBLICIST -  to be our window to the world
  • FRINGE COORDINATOR -  to manage the ‘off’ programme


the assisting teams will be added (stage-management, hospitality, bar, tickets, etc.).

FEATS is a massive undertaking and can only be accomplished with the support of people willing to give up some of their free time.

If the load is spread, it will make the festival not only manageable but even more enjoyable for all. In total, around 50 to 80 people – all volunteers – will be needed.

So if you think you can help – in whatever capacity – please contact John Brigg on

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg