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And go to Innisfree


by Jean Lenox Toddie


This was NWTC's last entry (in 2017). NWTC will not perform in 2018 FEATS.


Thurs 25, Fri 26 & Sat 27 May 2017 (20.00h) and Sun 28 May 2017 (14.30) at Chateau de Bourglinster, Luxembourg
2-5 June 2017 at FEATS, Frankfurt, Germany



 Old Anna – Niamh Huggard

Middle-Aged Anna – Lisa Burke

Young Anna – Rachel Lloyd

Director - Christine Probst
Stage Managers - Pauline Lloyd & Gabriella Vasarhelyi
Producer - Valerie Scott
Costumes - Hilary Brown
FEATS information - Philip Dutton
Hair - Laura Fraser
Lighting Design - John Brigg
Lighting Technician - Catriona Gillham
Sound -Giampaolo Spedo
Set- Karl Pierce
Props - Katie Bull
Rehearsal photographer - Julie Fraser
Sound -Giampaolo Spedo
Production support - Karl Pierce
It is autumn. An older woman appears on a deserted New England beach. She has come to make a decision, but will she make it alone? The middle-aged matron she was argues her case for the comfort of a retirement home. The younger girl she was urges her to sit again and eat blue berries and study ants. What will she do?





New World Theatre Club Luxembourg