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Year Show Poster Author Director
2019 The Seagull Anton Chekhov

John Brigg, AD Gav Guilfoyle

2018 The Great War and Bertie   Julie Fraser (lead), Chris Wilson & Chantelle Bonnici

Julie Fraser (lead), Chris Wilson (AD) & Lesley Chesters (AD)

2017 CSI   Improvisation

The Chandeliers

2017 And go to Innisfree    

Christine Probst

2017 The Hobbit J R R Tolkien

Julie Fraser & Natalia Sanchez

2016 The Pillowman Martin McDonagh

Gav Guilfoyle/John Brigg

2016 Five Fantastic Tales Various

Natalia Sanchez

2016 Oliver! Bart

Neil Johnson

2016 Finding Sophie Janice Dunn

Janice Dunn

2015 Fifty! and Husbands Supplied  

Bjørn Clasen and Tony Kingston

2015 Strange Horseman    Michel de Ghelderode

John Brigg

2014 Oh what a lovely war


Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop,

Charles Chilton, Gerry Raffles and

Members of the original cast

Julie Fraser



Peter Pan


JM Barrie

Julie Fraser (lead), 

Chris Wilson (AD), Christine Mitchell (AD)and Angela Milne (AD)





Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann John Brigg




Brian Friel John Turnbull
2013 Just another school shooting Gerald Arthur Moore

Student director: Sean Sideris

mentor: Chris Wilson

assistants: Angela Milne and France Usher




Poster Author Director

Chastity Belt

sponsored by NWTC

Peta Lily Peta Lily
2012 Not so fable various

Ruth Gillen

Chris Wilson, Angela Milne and Christine Mitchell

2012 10 Minute Play Festival various

Coordinating Director: Deborah Fulton Anderson

2011 Devil His Due DHD Poster Semus Fail Angela Milne
  Proserpina's Promise Proserpina's Poster Betty Holmes Cochren
Adapted by Julie Fraser

Julie Fraser (lead)

Christine Mitchell (AD), Angela Milne (AD) and
Christine Probst (AD)

2010 MidRiff by Peta Lily
Sponsored by NWTC
midRIFF Peta Lily Peta Lily
  12 Angry Men 12 Angry Men Poster Reginald Rose Brian Parker
  Jolly Jolly Poster David Mamet Erik Abbott
2010 Just Eat It Youth Theatre Julie Fraser,
Christine Mitchell,
Angela Milne,
Christine Probst,
  Aladdin Panto
Two Shades of Blue
and Joyous Pie Productions
in Association with NWTC
and Pirates Productions
Aladdin poster    
2009 A Childs Christmas in Wales Childs Christmas in Wales Dylan Thomas Christine Probst and Christine Mitchell
  10 Minute Play Festival 10 Minute Play Festival Various Local Authors Various Local Directors
  Red Countess Green Crow
Praxis Theatre Lab & NWTC
Red Countess Green Crow Sam Dowling  
Produced by BGT
With the support of NWTC
Agatha Christie Tony Kingston
  Double Bill Eugene Ionesco and Others Christine Mitchel and Wendy Dunning-Baker
2008 Natural Daughter

J. W. Goethe
(translated by Edward Seymour)
John Brigg
  Youth Theatre Showcase  

Christine Probst,
Christine Mitchell and
Angela Milne

2007 Tissue Tissue Poster Louise Page Wendy Dunning-Baker
  Dream 2007 William Shakespeare Tony Kingston
  Dream Workshops No Poster William Shakespeare Tony Kingston
  Something Unspoken No Poster Tenessee Williams Chris Wilson
  Under Milk Wood (joint production) No Poster Dylan Thomas Philip Dutton
  Linda Her No Poster Harry Kondoleon John Brigg
  Steel Magnolias steel magnolias poster Robert Harling Rodney Tow
2006 Picasso at the Lapin Agile Steve Martin Nola Dutton
2005 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens Wendy Dunning-Baker
  Eliza Colin Crowther Wendy Dunning-Baker
Year Show Poster Author Director
2004 Hands Across the Sea & Still Life Noel Coward Tony Kingston
  Someone Who'll Watch Over Me No Poster Frank McGuinness Chris Wilson
  A Separate Peace A Separate Peace Tom Stoppard Tony Kingston
  Footprints in the sand A Separate Peace Colin Crowther Wendy Dunning-Baker
2003 The Vagina Monologues No Poster Eve Ensler Danielle Coleman
  Barbie and The Bard/Butties and The Bard No Poster William Shakespeare Chris Bearne and Chris Wilson
  A Dog's Life No Poster Pam Valentine Kumar Motiani
  How The Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn Fran Potasnik
2002 Murder Mystery No Poster   Chris Mitchell
  Camino Real Tennessee Williams Noel Greig
2001 We Three Kings No Poster Chas Warlow Chas Warlow
  Monologues No Poster Alan Bennett Wendy Dunning
  Canon No Poster Jan Horsburgh Jan Horsburgh
2000 Iphigenia in Taurus Iphigenia in Taurus J.W. von Goethe
(translated by Edward Seymour)
Edward Seymour
  Play No Poster Samuel Beckett Wendy Dunning
  End Game Samuel Beckett Wendy Dunning
Year Show Poster Author Director
1999 Agnes of God No Poster John Pielmeier Fran Potasnik
  A Celebration of Peter Sellers No Poster   Adrian Diffey
1998 Philip & Rowena No Poster Gillian Plowman Eileen Nober
  Lettice & Lovage Peter Shaffer Jo Patrick
  Last of the Red Hot Lovers No Poster Neil Simon Carrie O'Brien
1997 Neville's Island Tim Firth Chris Wilson
1996 Same Time Next Year No Poster Bernard Slade Karim Hyatt
1995 The Merry Wives of Windsor William Shakespeare Keith Myers
  Curse No Poster Sinclair Hilton Jo Patrick
  The Monkey's Paw No Poster W.W. Jacobs Karim Hyatt
Year Show Poster Author Director
1994 Educating Rita No Poster Willy Russell Chris Wilson
  Woyzeck No Poster Georg Buchner John Brigg
1993 Noises Off No Poster Michael Frayn Geoff Gornall-Thode
  A Phoenix Too Frequent No Poster Christopher Fry Sheila Martin
  Macbeth William Shakespeare Pen Turner
  nwtc No Poster David Storey Anne Bearne
1992 Shades of Brown No Poster Michael Picardic John Brigg
  Wait Until Dark No Poster Frederick Knott Margaret Love
  Ines de Castro TheGreatNebula John Clifford Wendy Dunning
  The Great Nebula in Orion TheGreatNebula Lanford Wilson Pen Turner
1991 Live Like Pigs John Arden Jo Stone
  Largo Desolato Vaclav Havel Pen Turner
1990 There's a Girl in My Soup Terence Frisby Christine Mitchell
  The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekov Pen Turner
  The Marika No Poster Dick Holdsworth Dick Holdsworth
  The Proposal No Poster Anton Chekov Angela Milne
Year Show Poster Author Director
1989 The Birthday Party No Poster Harold Pinter Anne Bearne
  The Killing of Sister George No Poster Frank Marcus Anne Bearne
  The Taming of the Shrew TheTamingOfTheShrew William Shakespeare Wendy Dunning
1988 Female Transport No Poster Steve Gooch Pen Turner
  Another Hour No Poster Christian Bauer Christian Bauer
  The Normal Heart No Poster Larry Kramer Robert Rowe
  Trumpets & Raspberries No Poster Dario Fo Christine Mitchell
  Wine in the Afternoon No Poster Dick Holdsworth Dick Holdsworth
1987 Arms and the Man No Poster George Bernard Shaw Elizabeth Muller
  Loot No Poster Joe Orton Pen Turner
  Look Back in Anger No Poster John Osborne Anne Bearne
1986 The Hollow Crown No Poster John Barton Wendy Dunning
  The Dining Room No Poster A.R. Gurney Jr Pen Turner
  Knightsbridge No Poster John Mortimer Robert Rowe
  Restoration No Poster Edward Bond Margaret Love
1985 The Glass Menagerie No Poster Tennessee Williams Arlene Nys
  A Man of Destiny No Poster George Bernard Shaw Peter Carr-North
  Blithe Spirit BlitheSpirit Noel Coward Elizabeth Muller
Year Show Poster Author Director
1984 Bedroom Farce BedroomFarce Alan Ayckbourn Christine Mitchell
  Red Peppers No Poster Noel Coward David Quinlan
  I'm Nobody ImNobody E. Dudley-Dennis Arlene Nys
  Sketches & Playlets No Poster Samuel Beckett Wendy Dunning
  Sketches & Playlets No Poster Harold Pinter Christine Mitchell
  Mime No Poster   John Watson
1983 Girl Crazy Girl Crazy George Gershwin Elizabeth Muller
  A Visit from Miss Prothero No Poster Alan Bennett Ann Overstall
  Green Forms No Poster Alan Bennett Ann Overstall
  A Woman of No Importance AWomanOfNoImprotance Oscar Wilde Wendy Dunning
1982 You Don't Have to be Jewish No Poster   Elizabeth Muller
  After Magritte No Poster Tom Stoppard Ann Overstall
  Bye Bye Blues No Poster Saunders Hilary Dawson
  Mill Hill No Poster John Mortimer Margaret Love
  The Odd Couple No Poster Neil Simon Arlene Nys
1981 Close Relations No Poster (comp) Anne Bearne Wendy Dunning
  Pleasure & Repentance No Poster Terry Hands  
  Take Cover No Poster Bill Bray Elizabeth Muller
  Something Unspoken SomethingUnspoken Tennessee Williams Elizabeth Muller
  The Orchestra SomethingUnspoken Jean Anouilh Peter Carr-North
  Hotel Paradiso HotelParadisio Georges Feydeau Mary Clarke
  Ruffian on the Stair TheDockBrief Joe Orton Margaret Love
  The Dock Brief TheDockBrief John Mortimer Richard Chappell
1980 The Effects of Gamma Rays
On Man in the Moon Marigolds
GammaRaysMarigolds P. Zindell Arlene Nys
  1066 And All That 1066AndAllThat Arkell & Reynolds Mary Clarke
Year Show Poster Author Director
1979 Boeing Boeing BoeingBoeing Camoletti & Cross Arlene Nys
  Interview Interview van Italie Arlene Nys
1978 Plaza Suite No Poster Neil Simon Elizabeth Muller
  A Phoenix Too Frequent No Poster Christopher Fry Patricia Berlin
  An Evening of Chekhov Chekhov Anton Chekhov Nasrine Farrokh
1977 The Real Inspector Hound TheRealInspectorHound Tom Stoppard Bill Campbell
  The House of Bernada Alba Bernarda Alba Federico Garcia Lorca Nasrine Farrokh
1976  Sweeney Todd Sweeney Todd Pitt Rosser Peter Carr-North
1975 One Man Dickens No Poster Charles Dickens Peter Carr-North
  Follies 75 Follies    
1974 An Evening with Shakespeare Shakespeare William Shakespeare Elizabeth Muller
  Follies 74 Follies    
  Duet for Two Hands No Poster Mary Hayley Peter Carr-North
1973 Hay Fever No Poster Noel Coward Elizabeth Muller
  Erpingham Camp No Poster Joe Orton Paul Reiles
1972 Follies 72 Follies    
1971 Five Revue Sketches No Poster Harold Pinter Elizabeth Muller
  The Public Eye No Poster Peter Schaffer Elizabeth Muller
1970 The Follies No Poster   Paul Reiles
  Barefoot in the Park No Poster Neil Simon Elizabeth Muller
  Arsenic and Old Lace No Poster Joseph Kesselring Elizabeth Muller
Year Show Poster Author Director
1969 Joan No Poster Peter Davis Peter Davis
1968 The Importance of Being Earnest No Poster Oscar Wilde Peter Davis
  Our Town Our Town Poster Thornton Wilder Peter Davis

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