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Eliza by Colin Crowther

19th, 20th and 21st April 2005
Chateau de Bettembourg 8:00 pm

Directed by Wendy Dunning-Baker

The Queen is dead!  Long live the...oh, hang on, it appears she is getting up again....... Thus the scene at Her Majesty’s bedchamber, as her maid-in-waiting (Emma Farrell), priest (Neil Johnson) and Sir Robert Cecil (Adrian Diffey) keep up their seemingly never-ending vigil by her side. The New World Theatre Club proudly presents “Eliza”, an evening of comedy and music, for three nights April 19th, 20th and 21st, in a venue befitting royalty: the Chateau de Bettembourg. In addition to the premiere of “Eliza” there will also be an appearance of the illustrious Virginal Music Company, in their choral debut. Performances for both begin at 8:00 pm. Who or what is “Eliza”, you may ask? Briefly, she is Gloriana, Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth the First.  But not in the guise you might expect.  This Elizabeth (played by the talented Cliodhna Dempsey) has been cut down to size: to the size of her bedchamber, in fact.  Perhaps to the size of the four-poster itself.   Eliza is dying .... they say.  But is she just playing dead? “Eliza” is also a world-premiere comedy by the writing team of Colin and Mary Crowther. They have written books and plays—one of which, the drama “Footprints in the Sand”, claimed top awards at both the FEATS drama festival and the Wales All-Winners Festival, as performed by the New World Theatre Club and directed by Wendy Dunning-Baker. “Eliza” was applauded by the judge of the 2004 Radius International Playwriting Festival as “touching, witty and meticulously thought out.” The Crowthers, who were so impressed by the “talent and commitment of the NWTC players”, have enthusiastically supported this premiere production of “Eliza” under the apt guidance of director Dunning-Baker. The “Eliza” production team also includes stage manager Pauline Lloyd, set design by Malcolm Turner, costume design by Fay Wolstencroft and technical support by Matthew Kahn, Les Wilson and Anthony McCarthy. “Eliza” is not just an evening of comedy, but also of music! You  may  be wondering just who, or what, is The Virginal Music Company. It's a good question.  Briefly, these people are world experts on the wrong kind of music. To accompany this production of “Eliza” they have specially devised a programme  based on that most Elizabethan of instruments: The Virginal. The wrong kind of virginal. Exactly what kind of a virginal you - and they - will discover on the night. But before they even reach the virginal, the virtuosic instrumentalist Chris Birch will be playing the wrong kind of lute to accompany - for once - the right kind of song (performed by  vocalists Nancy Coons, Fran Potasnik and Barbara Hall). The Campany - sorry, Company - has several haunting, downright odd or plain electrifying Elizabethan and non-Elizabethan non-lute songs up its sleeves - which, please note, are NOT GREEN. Some of these songs may even be accompanied by the wrong kind of pipe drone. Or, as we have explained, by the wrong kind of virginal, played here by Birgit Auernheimer, their virtuosic non-virginalist. Finally, and fittingly , we should add that all members of The Virginal Music Company are also experts on death.   The wrong kind of death. Exactly what kind of death you - and they - will discover on the night. Tickets are on sale now for this limited viewing—only three nights--which will surely amuse and enlighten, even if you are not a subject of the throne. In fact, by gaining entrance and having this extraordinary glimpse into the royal private chamber, you may learn some surprising truths never taught in history class. Including the secret to Queen Eliza’s glowing complexion!  Book now! “Eliza” premieres Tuesday through Thursday, April 19th—21st at Chateau de Bettembourg. Performances start at 8:00 pm. Ticket are 12 euros for adults, 8 euros for students.  

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