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Luxembourg's First

Ten Minute Play Festival

10 Minute Plays are just as dramatic or funny as you'll find anywhere. They're just a lot SHORTER!

The 10 Minute Play Festival is an idea which originally started at the Actors' Theatre of Louisville Humana Festival of New American Plays over 30 years ago, and has spread like wildfire to regional theatres in the US and Australia. It is a festival in which writers, professional or not, submit a TEN (10) minute original play to be performed in an evening (or two, or more) of selected winners.

Here are a few words of inspiration about 10 Minute Plays:

"It introduces theatergoers to fascinating stories, diverse worlds, and exciting theatrical voices, in record time." Nina Shengold & Eric Lane, Take Ten II

"They are the American theater's haiku. They must, by nature, imply rather than explain. They often depend on metaphor to extend their reach. They stick like glue in the mind because the viewer remembers the whole play." Producing Director, Humana Festival, Jon Jory.

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The Rules

Top 10 Pitfalls of 10-minute scripts

How Should It Look?


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