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CWC & NWTC 10 Minute Play Festival Workshops

Friday 13 & 27 March @ 7:30 pm

at Oscar Wilde's Pub (upstairs, in the Grund)


Whether you are a writer with a 10 minute play, a director interested in directing one of the plays for the festival, an actor thinking about auditioning, or are just curious, everyone is invited. We will start the workshops with a basic warm-up, then move into some quick improvisation games to get the creative juices running and finally read and discuss some of the original scripts which have been submitted. The second workshop will continue with scripts we will not get to on 13th. This is an opportunity for you to come and have some fun with the writers and give them feed back.

Please RSVP to Let us know if you plan to attend as a writer, director, actor, or observer.

Several original plays on offer.
An important part of the process, especially for first-time playwrights 10 MINUTE PLAY FESTIVAL WORKSHOPS:
A ten-minute play has much to offer the actor, director and producer. They are bold, creative little gems that are portable to any number of venues. Last fall, we offered the idea to local writers who have now responded enthusiastically! With the deadline approaching for submissions, we now have
: How does the play SOUND? Does the dialogue work? Ideas for staging?
The NWTC is inviting YOU to participate in this process. Two workshops are coming up-Friday March 13th and Friday March 27th at 7:30 pm upstairs in Oscar Wilde's Pub- where some of these original plays will be read/discussed/improvised. The writers will be on hand to eagerly hear your interpretation!
**See one writer's take on the process, Celeste Schuh-Koehler's notes below.
This is a fantastic opportunity for first time directors, or actors considering a unique theatrical process or just the curious out there. This is NOT an audition. The idea is to have fun while experiencing the creative process first hand!
RSVP: Deborah Anderson

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg