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Feedback - The Hobbit 

A letter to the cast and crew of "The Hobbit" from Niamh Huggard (Niamh is an actress and theatre teacher – you can watch her in NWTC’s upcoming show, And Go to Innisfree)


4 May 2017

Dear director, cast and crew

I am very late in sending this but as I enjoyed it so much I felt I had to and as they say "Better late than never".

I really enjoyed your recent production of The Hobbit. What a mammoth production that was!! Everyone's performance was so polished and the costumes were absolutely wonderful . Hats off to the seamstresses!!! I have read all of the JRR Tolkien books in The Lord of the Rings series many years ago and you really made me relive the Hobbit with your tremendous, imaginative performances.

I must say that although I enjoyed everyone's performance I have to comment on one or two in particular.  The role of Bilbo Baggins was excellently portrayed by Tiernan Taylor. He commanded the stage with his presence and gave a powerful performance .

Gandalf, who was played by Magnus Chan,  had tremendous presence and a powerful voice which he used to full advantage.

Gollum was played by a wonderful little girl, Eva Puc,  her movement was beautiful to watch as she slithered and jumped from one stone to another and her vocal impersonation of the character was a joy to listen to.

I absolutely adored the performance of young Noam Golergant who played the head of the goblins. For such a young boy he had great force.

The wolves and the spiders were amazing. Apart from the incredible costumes the choreography was superb and the children effected it faultlessly. Well done to choreographers and performers alike.

The fire intrigued me at first as I wondered what made the flames move until I suddenly realized that there was a young girl,
  Iris Ruysscheart, in a black ensemble controlling the whole structure. In fact she was the structure. What a fabulous idea and beautifully effected.

If I have not mentioned everyone it is that there was such a big cast and I could find no fault with any of the actors on stage.

This was a beautifully directed, choreographed and well-presented piece of theatre and a credit to all of those in the Youth
Theatre who put so much time and energy in bringing it to us the audience and giving us so much enjoyment.

I look forward to the next production.

Niamh Huggard

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg