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 What the actors say!


FIFTY! - about the play...

 “David and Fran have lost their marital mojo and David's too distracted by his gorgeous lover to even think his friends and family might want to throw him a surprise party. Fifty! is mainly a fun play with plenty of cringeworthy moments (and a few sad ones) sprinkled on top. “(Helena O’Hare)

"Fifty!" is a very lively play that turns a standard situation of a man's birthday into the absurd. Watching it, though, we may have the eerie feeling of familiarity with some of its characters or their morals. “(Carl Springer)

“OK, it’s not exactly Checkov but there’s plently in the Archie Wilson (who’s he?) script for the cast to have fun with.  Let’s hope the audience agree. “(Andrew Stewart)

"I personally like the play, I think it is well written and well strewn with many funny lines. The director and the actors also make sure that the comic effect is generated or amplified by gestures, intonation, mimics, moves or even  improvisation at times. It's great fun to be in the play and to watch it alike. I find myself laughing from the acting of my talented colleagues, even though I read already their lines. After finishing a rehearsal, I already look forward to the next one. It feels good to play a character - it's like an unchaining of creative energy. Also, by rehearsing we have the chance to improve the playing of our characters. In our real lives we don't get this chance, we can play our "lines" only once." (Florin Farcas)

“Oh, I love farces! How exciting to have the chance to act in one!” (Jacqueline Milne)

"Fifty" is all what a straight farce is about: quick, witty, playful. All the (far from flawless) characters put their own unique touch to ensure that David will never forget his 50th anniversary.” (Artemios Vogiatzis)

 “Working on “Fifty” and “Husbands Supplied” has been equally fascinating. I think this is the first time I have rehearsed from the outset with my husband Tony Kingston (Tony has had to jump into BGT plays occasionally as back up) since we co-wrote and performed a show in Edinburgh Fringe in 1988!  And it is the first time ever I have seen him directed by someone else !  It is always a pleasure to work with new people, and Bjørn’s NWTC cast contains  plenty of fresh talent. I love playing comedy, so hope the audience like watching it as much as we will enjoy playing it.”  (June Lowery-Kingston)

FIFTY! - snippets about some of the characters ...

"My character - a 50 year old man who thinks he’s clever, funny, still attractive to the opposite sex and has ‘fuel in the tank’ - presents a  big challenge for me.  I’m way past 50!" (Andrew Stewart)

"Damien is not the boyfriend any father would possibly like hanging around his daughter, but, having many negative attributes, he may have a glimpse of an ethical side too, who knows?" (Artemios Vogiatzis)

“Oh, I couldn't possibly dislike a person of authority, especially those in the police force. Now, about that speeding ticket…” (Jacqueline Milne)

"There is nothing that I don't like about my character. Not that he is supposed to be a likeable person - he is a policeman, after all... and one who doesn't appreciate humour either. In the play, the situation devolves from bad (lack of communication in the couple)  to worse (confusion on all fronts, uncovered adultery, two petty criminals in the house) . My character, although in a quite over-zealous manner (like "who was that attacked you, constable?", when the constable was merely bum-slapped by George) is the one who clears the situation, reveals and arrests the two criminals, along with the collateral victim George, and brings the entire confusion-fest to an end." (Florin Farcas)

“I still don't know what to make of Fran. Is she just too complacent in her rudderless marriage or just so loyal that she's willing to give her relationship one more go?” (Helena O’Hare)

“Watch the cupboard!” (Carl Springer, who plays Alan)

 HUSBANDS SUPPLIED about the play...

“It surprised me that it was written almost 80 years ago. It has a timeless touch to it, although the reason women were looking for a husband back then was probably slightly different nowadays…" (Bjørn Clasen)

 “This double bill is a interesting experience for me. Rehearsing Husbands Supplied has been an absolute joy, working with 6 other women, all talented actresses, and Bjørn. We have had such fun so far, and I really hope this comes over to the audience when we get on stage.” (June Lowery-Kingston)

“I'm having so much fun rehearsing for the plays that it's hard to be objective. Husbands Supplied is not unlike a modern-day dating site, but with no pseudonyms or computer screens to hide behind. Mrs May's agency attracts a very diverse bunch of people and the humour lies in the wide range of the characters' motivations.” (Helena O’Hare)

“I love that all of the characters are so diverse. I'm sure that the audience will have a favourite or will know someone "just like that!"  (Jacqueline Milne)

 “Husbands Supplied takes place in a parallel universe where women call the shots and men are regarded as a commodity. I'm not sure how comfortable I am perpetuating the oppression “(Jessica Whiteley)

 HUSBANDS SUPPLIED - about the characters ...

 “It is a huge challenge for me as an actor to have to play someone who rejects all those wonderful ladies that fight over my character… “(Bjørn Clasen)

“I like that my character  sticks up for people and stands up to, or tries to, dominant characters.” (Jacqueline Milne)

“What you see is what you get with Sarah Crunch. Her no-frills approach to finding a man is a bit scary but also (slightly) endearing.” (Helena O’Hare)

“Mrs. Wuff is looking for something like a live-in male escort, and has no problem with showing her intentions.” (Jessica Whiteley)


Radio Interview

Bjørn Clasen, Carl Springer and Artemios Vogiatzis featured in show "Happy Hour" of Radio ARA on 08 October 2015

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