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Oliver!  Review of auditions...


(a) Youths (June 2015)


 The auditions for Oliver, which will be a joint production between NWTC and Pirate Productions, kicked off in June 2015 with Neil Johnson, Director,  emphasising to the parents and children the commitment level required for anyone wishing to participate in this show before  explaining the three hour audition process which  consisted of:

  •  singing a short song. Everyone’s range and ability to sing in tune was determined by Philip Dutton, Musical Director,
  •  acting in pairs by  trying different ways to present a character using a short script.  Neil  and Tara Donnell (Assistant Director for Youths) assessed their basic acting skill, projection and ability to take direction and
  •  dancing within a group.  Mira Toth (youth choreographer) divided the group into four and taught them a short routine which was filmed.

The production team really enjoyed themselves as there was a lot of energy and talent.  

Rose Flammant, Producer,  said, “I was impressed by the overall high standard in acting skills. It was wonderful to see the youths audition. They have no fear and have a go”  and Philip agreed, saying “we all had such a lot of fun and were really impressed with the enthusiasm and talent. We are very  excited about the show and looking forward to starting rehearsals in September.”

 The team wrote to all participants to thank them for their interest and letting them know that the outcome of the rehearsal  should be known within the week or so.  Rehearsals for the youths will commence in September 2015.

 In addition to those mentioned above, thanks go to everyone who helped during  the youth auditions including Athena Teligadas, Beverley Atkinson, Chris Albrecht,  Chris Wilson , Maiken Tharndrup and Valerie Scott.

(b) Call backs and adult auditions (September 2015)

Auditions for Oliver! took place in several stages, with two consecutive youth auditions followed by two consecutive adult auditions, each supplemented additionally by call-backs and a dance and movement session (see picture below). With four different venues and close to a hundred auditionees,  the organisation of the auditions was highly complex but all were extremely well attended, and many new talents were identified.  “Oliver!” Director, Neil Johnson, and his team are now very close to casting the different characters as well as compiling some really strong choruses. A fabulous show is coming our way!

Process of auditions


Adult Auditionees for Oliver! were asked to:

Sign up :

Familiarise themselves with: which includes information:

  1. About the adult auditions

  2. Regarding audition pieces with excerpts from the script and

  3. On NWTC and Pirate Production’s joint venture from the respective Chairs. 

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