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The Ripple Effect - About the play

Five years after her husband’s death Eva, who has been supported through her grief by her sister, comes face-to-face with the man responsible. The events which led up to that loss, and the consequent effects on all their lives, are explored in this one-act play.
Working backwards through time in short scenes, the play illustrates how the course of our lives can change in a moment, and on a whim. The Ripple Effect is an interesting exploration of lives blighted by loss, and of fate and revenge.

The characters:

Eva(30-45) – A sensitive character, gradually recovering from the grief of losing her husband, her life is torn apart yet again when she meets his killer, and she chooses to exact revenge.
Nicola(30-45)– Eva’s sister, a much more practical and down-to-earth character. She has supported Eva through her loss and narrates the history of the events as the play unfolds.
Timothy(35-50)– A man whose comfortable existence was destroyed in a moment, after which his life spirals rapidly downhill. Now a reformed character, he is struggling to rebuild his life.

Gavin(35-55) – Eva’s doting husband. A small role!

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg