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Richard Chappell Award


Many members of the New World Theatre Club, particularly more recent arrivals, may have never heard of Richard Chappell. Richard was an active, enthusiastic and talented member of the club, who died tragically in a car accident in 1981.

In his memory, a discretionary award scheme was set up by the Club, to be used for the purpose of providing training grants to members.

The purpose of the Discretionary Award Fund is to provide one or more grants per year to be used to pay for courses, either in Luxembourg or abroad, in any branch of the dramatic arts.

The Fund is at all times managed by the current committee of the Club. Awards may be made available from Club funds of the current year, provided that club profits are sufficient for this purpose. Applicants must have been paid-up members of the NWTC for a minimum of one year at the date of application to receive an award. The maximum amount payable per person is 1,000 Euros in any Club year.

If any member of NWTC is interested in applying for an award, please complete the on-line Richard Chappell application form.

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