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(on theatre courses taken by NWTC recipients of the Richard Chappell Award) 


Each year members of NWTC may apply for sponsorship to help them attend theatre courses.  Often these have been awarded for members to attend LEATSS (but not exclusively). Below you can find out more about their experience of courses taken.

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 and scroll down to see the video feedback by Natasha Liati Jones and Victor Bonnano

Richard Chappell Award - Recipients feedback


Artemios Vogiatzis (LEATSS)

Julie Fraser (LEATSS)



Christine Probst (Roy Hart voice workshop, France)

Kim Hermans (LEATSS, Clairefontaine)

Natalia Liati Jones (LEATSS, Clairefontaine)

Jacqueline Milne (MA/PG in Performance Acting, Mountview, London)



Julie Fraser (LEATSS)

Lesley Chesters (LEATSS)

Martin Campion (LEATSS)

Philip Dutton (LEATSS)



Charlotte Coles (LEATSS)

 Video blogs from Natasha Liati Jones and Victor Bonanno

(both of whom attended LEATSS in 2016)

Victor Bonanno (LEATSS, Clairefontaine)

video 1

video 2

video 3

video 4

video 5

video 6

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