Richard Chappell on-line application form

The Richard Chappell Award is a memorial to an active, enthusiastic and talented member of the club who died in 1981.

It provides one or more training grants each year to members who wish to take courses, either in Luxembourg or abroad, in any branch of the dramatic arts. A budget is agreed each year at the AGM. For 2015/16 the total available is EUR 1500.

Anyone who has been a member of the club for at least 12 months can apply for funding.

Before completing an application it is a good idea to check how much of the annual allocation is still available.

Applications will be assessed by the committee on the basis of:

• eligibilty of the member and the activity;

• expected benefits to the individual;

• expected benefits to the club.

If current or expected demand exceeds the budget applications and awards may be declined, reduced or deferred.