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Richard Chappell Award

Natasha Liati-Jones

 Natasha attended LEATSS 2016


1.Which course did you follow?

As part of my time at LEATSS this year I had to choose a SKILL course and a THEME course. I Chose Helen Irelands skill course for singing and Janice Dunns theme course for acting. I was all set for a full week of acting and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised that singing was an option too. I love to sing and I had heard rumours that LEATSS is very tiring and as I find singing energising and fun I thought that would be a great complement to the acting side of things and perhaps on days when I was possibly going to be tired it would help to recharge me. I chose Janice’s course because it seemed really interesting and, to be honest, because when I was in rehearsals for “Oh, What A Lovely War” I had heard from the director about what a great teacher Janice was. I had learnt so much from Julie Fraser who referred to summer school on a couple occasions and had organised for Janice to come and teach us for a session during “Oh” that I thought it would be great to learn more from her.


2. Can you give us a taster of what sort of things you are asked to do whilst at LEATSS?

Well during singing class…. Wait for it…. I had to sing! Eeeek … But seriously though it was great we were quite a small group and no one was singled out really Helen helped us as a group and at times individually. For acting it was about using our brains really, mainly the creative part and seeing how we interpreting a piece of text or a character.


3 Do you feel you will be able to apply what you learnt in future work?


Yes I hope so. I really want to get a chance to sing really soon as I learnt to sight read a little bit which was wonderful! I made notes on the processes Janice taught us as I plan on using them in the future when preparing for a play (though one technique was specific to soliloquys, anyone need a soliloquy performed?)


4. What would you say will be the main memory you have of your time at LEATSS 2016?


The fun I had singing with my new friend Helena and how great it was being so supported by my classmates. I loved the camaraderie.


5. It can be quite daunting to attend a new theatre course! What would be your advice to anyone who is thinking of going but feels too shy?


I was really nervous about going but my curiosity helped spur me on and I am so glad I went. It can be daunting on the first day as there are many people there who have been before (because they love it and by the end of the week you will too) but very quickly you realise that you don’t need to worry about that as everyone looks after each other and has fun together whether its your first year or your fifteenth!



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