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Victor Bonnano

 Victor attended LEATSS 2016

1.Which course did you follow?

I attended a singing course with Helen Ireland and an acting course with Janice Dunn. Every year I try to do one of each. I feel more at ease singing than acting, and this way I get to continue working on my strengths and increasing my repertoire and musical theatre knowledge with singing while also challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone with acting.


2. Can you give us a taster of what sort of things you are asked to do whilst at LEATSS?

Taking my two courses as an example, in singing we focused mostly on the ensemble, especially on articulating and phrasing in a homogenous way. In acting, on the other hand, we worked on various texts throughout the course and explored various ways how to find an impulse that propels us to move, act, or say something in a certain way.


3 Do you feel you will be able to apply what you learnt in future work?

That is definitely the aim. I remember one particular course that I followed a few years ago that focused on acting through song, which I found particularly beneficial when I was working on the Pirates show “Starting Here, Starting Now” a few years back. I also employed some of the skills that I learnt during previous acting courses in my work on the various characters I had to play in NWTC's “Oh, What a Lovely War!”. I'm looking forward to try out the new skills that I learnt in any forthcoming productions!


4. What would you say will be the main memory you have of your time at LEATSS 2016?

I will remember the hard work that every student puts in, and the big smiles on everybody's faces at the end of a very satisfying day. Needless to say, after all the effort we put in we also need to unwind, and a drink or two at the bar certainly help. It's also a great way to socialise and make new friends, and that is something else I will cherish from this summer school.


5. It can be quite daunting to attend a new theatre course! What would be your advice to anyone who is thinking of going but feels too shy?

First of all, the course is open to everyone regardless of training or experience, and every year there is a very good mix which is healthy to both the trained and experienced as to the untrained and inexperienced. And to those who feel a little too shy to take the plunge, I think it is important to remember that during this course there is no pressure, no exam or performance at the end. It is all about the process rather than achieving an end product, so we are allowed, encouraged even, to explore, experiment, make mistakes and learn from them.

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