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 17 and 18 November 2018, Mitch Mitchelson:


Workshop 1
The embodied actor

(A three-hour acting workshop on Laban – for beginners or those needing a gentle reminder of Laban)
Existence is movement. action is movement’- Rudolf Laban

Workshop leader, Mitch Mitchelson, explains, ‘The embodied actor’ is an introduction to the work of Rudolf Laban for interested bodies! My late colleague Jean Newlove, student of Laban, Movement Director at Theatre Royal Stratford East and best friend of Joan Littlewood of ‘oh what a lovely war fame’ said the body was a musical instrument. This musicality of the body that Laban embraces had many applications, in industry efficiency, action profiling, dance education and theatre. It offers participants an opportunity to expand their range of expression for theatre , art and life. The class will be accessible and non-aerobic. We will focus on a Laban movement vocabulary that offers transformation through  an array of different character choices enacted in the workshop for the stage and for life. 

14.00-17.00 Saturday, 17 November 2018
Venue Centre Culturel, Beggen
Open to all adults (16+), working language English
Cost: 3 hour workshop: NWTC members EUR 50/ non-members EUR 60


Workshop 2
Further adventures in motion pictures, the Laban journey continues

(An exploratory one-day workshop for those with some understanding of Laban)
“I always start with the physical life of the character’- Michael Fassbender 

The workshop will further delve into the Laban movement vocabulary for actors, directors and life’s movers. Building on the foundation of previous Laban studies we will explore how the motion factors can be further combined to continue to develop our expressive potential as artistes. We will explore improvisation through the action drives, embody those heightened expressive moments of the vision, passion and spell drives. We will engage in Laban’s uses of space to evoke dramatic atmosphere and see space as an alive entity for creative relationship. Theatre genres will continue to be evoked and short scene studies explored. The physics of acting, the chemistry of relationship, a biology of life studies and the alchemy of physical transformation! All done with a non-aerobic compendium of fun, curiosity and accessibility

10.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00, Sunday 18 November 2018 (please note: lunch is not provided)
Venue: Centre Culturel, Beggen
Open to all adults (16+) who have some understanding of Laban, working language English
Cost: NWTC members EUR 90/ non-members EUR 100


Special price for both workshops
NWTC members EUR 130/ non-members EUR 150


Space limited: reserve your place by:

  1. writing to Rose(at)nwtc(dot)luto register and 
  2. paying the workshop fee

Workshop 1 – The embodied actor (3 hours) cost: members EUR 50/ non-members 60
Workshop 2 – Further adventures in motion pictures (6 hours) members EUR 90/ non-members EUR 100 
Workshops 1 & 2 – special price members EUR 130/ non-members 150
to NWTC’s account (IBAN account LU80 0030 0960 1115 0000 with BGL BNP Paribas (BGLLLULL)), giving your name and workshop (Laban) as the reference,) 

You can read more about Mitch Mitchelson at

See you there!

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