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Mitch Mitchelson

 MItch visited Luxembourg in October 2016 to run three workshops:

(1) "Old wine in new skins - The roots of comedy and its historic and contemporary roots”.

(2) "Middle Earth! A physical and comic landscape”  and

(3) Laughter, our common home”

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Mitch's background

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More about each workshop:

(1) "Old wine in new skins - The roots of comedy and its historic and contemporary roots”.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

10.00-16.00 (one hour break for lunch), Culturel Centre Beggen, Luxembourg

A one-day course, open to all (members and non-members)

Laughter was the name of the day as we found out whether Greek comedy or 16th century commedia dell’arte has any bearing on how we apply comedy today! This comic workshop, thoughtful in content, saw see Mitch guide us through

  • ·         the way Greek and Roman comedy found itself a home in Commedia.
  • ·         Comedic routines found in Buster Keaton and “Only Fools and Horses”,
  • ·         How a gag can appear in a Theatre de Complicite routine, a commedia lazzi and in 'A Midsummer's Night Dream ' at the Globe
  • ·         how a 16th century commedia entrance can also appear in an episode of 'Friends' and
  • ·         how the Python ministry of funny walks can have resonance with Peter Handke and his provocative theatre.

NB. This is a one-day workshop was open to all adults (16+), ran from 10.00-16.00, with one hour free for lunch (13.00-14.00).


(2) Mitch also ran a dedicated Youth Theatre workshop on Saturday, 15 October at 10.00 entitled "Middle Earth! A physical and comic landscape”  to support The Hobbit. This was only open to current youth group members and wil ran during the normal youth group session.

(3) He  also offered "Laughter, our common home” for youth theatre and Shout Out youth groups  Saturday afternoon from 14.00. Mitch explored laughter by concentrating on physical, non-verbal aspects of comedy


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