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Poster for workshop February 2018:


Moving to satisfy a need


Sunday, 25 February 2018


Waldorf School, 45 Rue de l'Avenir, 1147 Luxembourg


only a few places remain - see below to reserve


A treat awaits you! Performer, actor, director and teacher, Mitch Mitchelson returns to Luxembourg at the end of February and will run a Laban workshop which will be open to all…

“An actor needs to be able to use his body like an instrument so that he can move with majestic grace, or, if need be, rank clumsiness according to the character he is playing.  He should be able to project any physical or emotional state by the way he moves and the way he speaks.” This quote from the late Jean Newlove neatly encapsulates and value of Laban movement for actor training.

Mitch explains: “Essentially, I see Laban movement as the art of storytelling, equipping the actor for tools of transformation. The workshop would focus on the effort vocabulary and would also aim to extend the work front the Action drive into the transformative drives of Passion, Spell and Vision, words themselves which conjure up exciting possibilities.  We would consider the relationship. And at its root, we would explore the vocabulary of a character’s journey, how a baseline is established and the beginning of a play and how a character might move, be forced to coaxed away from this establishing affinities or baseline. Laban can be a gateway to expressiveness and the imagination for the actor and the workshop will celebrate Laban’s legacy for actor training. But in an accessible way as movement was for all was Laban’s slogan.”

 “There is not one drama college in the UK which does not pay some homage to Rudolf Laban, artist, architect, dancer and choreographer and dance designer of colossal vision. His work permeated the British actor training traditional through Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop. Jean Newlove had been trained by Laban personally and was a primary movement director for Theatre workshop as well as being a member of the company. The number of well-known actors who came through that tradition is legion.”


Book your place!


Places are limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis. Open to adults (16+) and beginners to advanced. One hour (13.00-14.00) lunch break (not provided). Please:

a)     Write to Rose Flammant (rose(at)nwtc(dot)lu) to confirm you would like to attend and

b)     Transfer the one-day workshop fee (EUR 90 non-members, EUR 80 members and EUR 60 for students) to NWTC’s account (IBAN account LU80 0030 0960 1115 0000 with BGL BNP Paribas (BGLLLULL)), giving your name and workshop (Laban) as the reference


More about Mitch Mitchelson


Mitch Mitchelson was trained by Jean Newlove and joined her as a colleague on her summer schools in the UK, the Netherlands and Austria. He was also a regular tutor on the Laban International Course ran by Sam and Susi Thorton, former students of Laban’s partner Lisa Ullman. 

He has worked extensively at drama schools and universities in the UK and has run workshops for the National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and National Youth Theatre.  He also has an international profile running workshops in Hong Kong, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Ireland.  He collaborated with the turner prize artist Jeremy Deller on re-enactments of the routines of Jacques Tati on the beaches of Folkestone and as a film consultant for the National Centre for Circus Arts, introduced Daniel Radcliffe to clowning and slapstick. He recently ran workshops in the art of farce for the Bernard Shaw theatre in Carlow, Ireland. 


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