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Philippa Strandberg Long

Philippa visited NWTC in January 2017 and offered a youth workshop to support The Hobbit and an adult one and a half day workshop introducing Meisner technique.

 About Philippa Strandberg-Long

Philippa has got a BA hons in acting from Italia Conti, which she completed after moving to London from Sweden in 1998. After deciding to concentrate on directing she worked extensively within that field, both as director and assistant director on the Fringe and London’s West End.

In a bid to concentrate more on her teaching and her passion for training Philippa completed a Master Degree, with distinction, in Actor Training and Coaching from Central School of Speech and Drama, concentrating mainly on Meisner technique.

Philippa works as a private coach as well as an Acting Tutor and Director at Italia Conti Academy’s BA in Acting, International school for screen acting and Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she teaches Scene Study, Acting Process classes and Meisner technique.

Philippa is passionate about the use and teaching of Meisner technique and continues to study the technique alongside teachers from New York City, as well as develop her own approach focused on Meisner and Actions. Her articles on the subject have been published both in England and America. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Meisner technique and Cognition at the Centre for Performance and Cognition at University of Kent


Information about the Meisner workshop from Philippa

"Meisner technique is widely recognised, in The United States, as one of the most important techniques for an actor to master.

Having in recent years had more and more exposure in Europe, the demand and interest in the process has never been higher.

Created by Sanford Meisner, the technique hones in on Stanislavski’s concept of COMMUNICATION, and highlights the importance of listening and reacting to the other actors.

Through a series of exercises, carefully selected to follow on from one another, they train the actor’s observation and communication skills, ultimately teaching us how to read the behaviour of others.

The training is incredibly beneficial to actors and not only helps them stay in the moment and communicate truthfully, but also curbs self-consciousness on stage. Beginners are very welcome.

In this workshop the participants will be introduced to the beginning concepts and exercises, most importantly learn to master the famous Repetition exercise. This will be followed on with a day applying this work to text."

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