• Personal data about members will be collected and stored electronically and securely.

  • Only data which is essential to the administration and promotion of the club's activities will be retained.

  • It is the responsibility of the committee of New World Theatre Club a.s.b.l. to ensure the accuracy and security of the data held.

  • Members have the right to:

    • view what data is being held about them

    • request certain items of data to be withheld from public view or members' view or even deleted

    • request data to be updated / corrected

    • request that all personal data be deleted (although this will cause membership to be terminated)   

  • Members who have allowed their membership to lapse (or who have never paid membership fees) will be contacted periodically and asked if they wish their data to be retained or deleted.

  • Questions about this policy or requests to view your personal data should be addressed to the committee(at)nwtc(dot)lu

What personal information is stored about me as a member and why?

The basic information stored for all classes of membership is:

  • Email address: this is the primary, unique identifier of you as a member of NWTC. It allows us to contact you about matters relating to your membership as well inform you about auditions for productions, upcoming productions and social events (should you have consented to this). During productions, email is the normal means of contact for information about rehearsals.

  • Telephone Number: At least one telephone number is required as back-up in case an email fails or when information needs to be passed very quickly.

  • Name: This enables us to identify you in a friendly and informal way in all our communications

  • Address and Date of birth: Our insurers require us to provide the names, addresses and dates of birth of all members who are to be covered by our accident insurance. We may also use age information to identify members who may be suitable for certain theatrical roles and also eligible for reduced fees for membership.

  • Nationality: Whilst NWTC is an English language based society, a large proportion of the membership come from countries where English is not the first language. It is helpful for the society to be able quote accurate statistics about the multicultural nature of our membership.

  • Class of membership: This determines the annual membership fees required and whether it has been paid. It also determines when a member should be included in a list of those included in our insurance as well as the right to vote at Annual General Meetings.

What personal information is stored about me when I perform on stage in a production and why?

When someone participates in an audition for an NWTC production, they must consent to certain extra pieces of personal data being held about them e.g. previous experience. This information is collected on an audition form and maybe used by directors and stage managers to cast a production and to put together a production team.

  • Stage Skills: Participants are asked to indicate which of the stage skills (acting, singing dancing) they believe they have.

  • Backstage skills: Participants are asked to indicate if they would be willing help with backstage tasks such as lighting, sound, projections, costumes, set building and front-of-house activities.

  • Photograph: A passport style photograph may accompany each audition form to help directors to remember who was who when casting a production. The photographs may be retained and shared during a production with the cast and crew to help them to put names to faces. Participants who do not already have a photograph on file (or request to have a new photograph taken) may be photographed at the beginning of the audition session.

  • Roles played: Participants are asked to provide a list of theatrical roles they have played. This is used by the director as a casting aid. If the participant consents, the data will be retained so that for subsequent auditions, the actor will not have to provide the list again.

  • Measurements: When costumes have to be made or hired, an actor's measurements will be taken. It is a condition of appearing in an NWTC production that the actor consents to these measurements being retained at least until the production is over. If the actor also consents to the data being retained after the production, it can avoid measurements taking for subsequent productions. Actors' measurements are considered to be private and are not shared with anyone except those responsible for making or hiring costumes for that actor.

  • Holidays: Participants will be asked to provide dates when they will not be available for rehearsals. This data will deleted when the show ceases to be the current production.

What personal information is stored about me when I participate off-stage in a production and why?

When someone participates off-stage in an NWTC production, they must either be a member already or consent to the same basic information being stored as for members (in which case they will considered to be a "Friend" of NWTC). In addition, they must consent to their off-stage role being retained for the duration of the production. The "Friend of NWTC" may also consent to their participation in that production being retained as part of NWTCs’ history as well as an aid to stage managers to find crew for future productions.


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