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AGM 20 June 2016


Did you know that during NWTC’s 2015-2016 season there were:

  • 4 shows (Fifty/Husband Supplied, Finding Sophie, Oliver and  Five Fantastic Tales from Around the World)
  • 4 workshops offered to members (for youths, Oliver, writing and directing)
  • 10 Stage Whispers newsletters published
  • 24 social events organised
  • 34 hours of youth workshops organised as part of the youth programme
  • 80 mailshots sent to members covering all aspects of NWTC
  • 143 paid up members
  • 155 events/meetings where your committee represented NWTC 
  • 41,221  page views in 2015 on the NWTC website (up from 19.750 in 2014) and,
  • Additional meetings dedicated purely to the ongoing support of LEATSS


If you can help us this year please let us know! (


 AGM Summary

The 2015-6 season for NWTC was a busy and eclectic one with several shows, workshops, social events and club administration keeping the diary  full! A summary of the year was shared during this year’s AGM which was held on 20 June. All members of the Committee presented different elements of this year’s events 

NWTC staged and/or produced four very different shows this year

  • The comedy, Fifty!/Husbands Supplied which was a joint production with BGT. This enjoyed strong support and was a  financial success
  • an intimate thought-provoking production with FasterPussycat called Finding Sophie.  Although the weather  (ice rain!) basically wiped out an entire audience, the other evenings enjoyed good attendance and positive feedback
  • The full-blown musical Oliver! with Pirate Productions. This was a massive undertaking and had over 170 people involved in putting this on!  It was a complete sell-out and resulted in profit, which was an achievement in itself! Last, but not least,
  • the youth theatre shared Five Fantastic Tales from Around the World. The youths learnt about being responsible for both creative and organisation decisions , resulting in an enchanting show which not only was clearly enjoyed by participants and audience alike, but also raised money towards the refugee project. 

Chris Albrecht, NWTC Chair, remarked that the first three were collaborations—which can be tricky and require more navigation—yet this had been managed. Chris was especially happy that Pirate Productions and NWTC had, after many years, managed to work together with such a good outcome. Credit was given to the whole production team for achieving this. 

As in all productions, challenges presented themselves  such as the bar costs proving too high for Finding Sophie and the management of such an enormous cast with so many youths in Oliver!, but overall this year’s productions were rewarding, happy and positive.

Chris explained that discussions are ongoing with summer school (LEATSS) to work towards LEATSS becoming an independent entity by this time next year. Peter Milne explained that LEATSS was a large project on its own, usually amounting to all other NWTC events added together in any given year. In addition, as it is an event which the Committee does not have control over, he supported the initiative to create a separate asbl for LEATSS. Updates on progress will be communicated to members 

Following the AGM’s 2015 decision  to invest in workshops, four (youth theatre, Oliver!, writing and also a directing workshop) had been offered by Janice Dunn this year: The youth group workshop supported the idea of story-telling . The directing and writing workshops proved particularly successful with preparations ongoing to arrange another (longer) writing workshop.  The challenge ahead is to continue to identify tutors and workshops (with the guidance of Graeme du Fresne, Summer School director)  which can complement NWTC’s work at any given time.

For the first time in 2015-6, the Youth Theatre programme consisted of NWTC employing the professional director, Natalia Sanchez. She offered 17 weekly sessions of two-hours over the year and the group learned about corporal expression and social responsibility. The group presented its work at the end of the programme (see above).

One longstanding issue which the Committee has started to address is that of insurance. It seems that over the years the insurances have become more complex and our work more varied. Chris and Pauline had managed to clarify a lot of requirements but some remain, such as the issue of ages of members and cover as raised by NWTC member, Pam Carlisle.

The costume store continues to be catalogued and uploaded onto the website and the barn will begin to be re-sorted shortly—is there no end to our helpful ways?!

In response to the Members’ Survey carried out in 2015, the Committee had been keen to address the call for more social events and did so with 24 events being organised  during the year.  These included club nights, play-readings, café Villon evenings, a Christmas meal and NT live get togethers  and had proved very popular throughout. 

As many members had not yet renewed their membership (due in May) despite mailshot reminders, website notices and newsletter adverts, Rose asked for ideas to help people remember but none were forthcoming! If you have any suggestions please do get in touch!

The new website had been launched in 2015 and visitors had nearly doubled when compared to the previous year and the users were looking at many more pages than previous years. Requests to highlight the procedure to join/renew membership will be looked at.

The outgoing committee had been very dedicated in all areas of its work and over the year its members had represented the Club at over 150 different events.  A greater emphasis had been given to ensuring NWTC was present at out-reach events and NWTC has been working hard to extend a warm-welcome to refugees by putting in place the programme, finance and possibility of a dedicated refugee theatre programme.

Happily, after such an eventful year, the finances had been managed well and remain healthy. There had been a small (agreed) loss with the youth theatre, but in light of our first year paying a tutor and again having to pay for rehearsal space it was acceptable. Peter Milne was thanked for again auditing NWTC’s accounts—by no means a straight-forward task!

The Committee announced the 2016-2017 programme so far, which includes:

  • Launching the youth theatre programme in September which focuses on the The Hobbit
  • The Pillowman in October
  • Promoting the possibly of NWTC’s submitting a play for FEATS 2017
  • Planning for a 10-minute’ play festival in 2018
  • Organising, amongst other things, workshops and play-readings in the autumn.

After the Committee was discharged, Rod explained that after five years he would not be standing for re-election. The remaining members, Chris Albrecht, Julie Fraser, Rose Flammant, Pauline Lloyd and Valerie Scott offered to stay for one more year and were duly re-elected.

Thanks to Janice Allgrove and team at B.U.R.O.S for very kindly allowing NWTC the use of their offices for the AGM. It is truly appreciated, especially in light of the fact we held a pot luck supper afterwards and were able to chat  about the club and year in such a relaxed environment.


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