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NWTC 2019 AGM minutes



Association sans but lucrative

Registered address: 1 rue Evrard Ketten, L 1856 Luxembourg

RCS Luxembourg : F226

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the New World Theatre Club a.s.b.l. held on Monday 17th June 2019 at B.U.R.O.S. Luxembourg

Present:  Pauline Lloyd, Ann Overstall, John Brigg, Christine Probst, Chris Wilson, Pam Carlisle, Alan Carlisle, Chris Albrecht, Valerie Scott, Philip Dutton, Niamh Power, Lesley Chesters, Juliet Ostretsova and Rose Flammant.

Present by way of Proxy: Les Wilson, Peter Milne, Angela Milne, Daniela Badea, Mike West, Erik Abbott, Lorna Cassidy, Michael Watson and Susanne Storgards.

Apologies: Cynthia Albrecht, Julie Fraser, Jan Thoemel and Derek Meijers.

Committee members present: Christine Probst (Co Chairman), Pauline Lloyd (Treasurer and Co Chairman), Valerie Scott (Secretary), Rose Flammant (Membership Secretary), Niamh Power and Susanne Storgards, the latter present by way of Proxy.

The Meeting was opened at 19.45 with Christine Probst in the chair. Chris Wilson was asked to take the minutes of the meeting, which was approved by the Meeting.


  1. Approval of Draft Agenda

Pamela Carlisle pointed out that the owner of the barn was spelt in two different ways. The correct spelling was identified.

Chris Wilson pointed out that Philip Dutton had been left off the list of people present at last year’s AGM.

Proposed: Valerie Scott                Seconded: Pam Carlisle

  1. Approval of minutes for 2018 AGM

The meeting approved the minutes of the 2018 AGM

Proposed: Pauline Lloyd                Seconded: Niamh Power                            

The meeting resolved to acknowledge and approve the minutes of the 2018 AGM.

  1. Matters arising from the 2018 AGM minutes


  1. Chairman’s Report

Christine Probst presented the Chairman’s report

Proposed: Chris Wilson                 Seconded: Valerie Scott

The Meeting resolved to acknowledge and approve the Chairman’s report.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Pauline stated that the finances were relatively healthy despite the Club having made losses in the past year. The 50th Anniversary Dinner lost about 650.00 euros, which was close to the amount agreed prior to the event.  There was a discussion about the “Dance with Me” project as there is still approx. 1500 euros in the accounts which was part of the subsidy of the project. Chris Albrecht said that he was still interested in the possibility of reviving it. Juliet Ostretsova said that the director could not communicate and that it would need a new director.

Youth Theatre had made a good profit but “The Seagull” had lost money because of the hiring of a projector. Chris Albrecht asked if the loss was shared between NWTC and Mersch theatre. The  answer was no. John Brigg said that Mersch insisted on using Luxtickets which takes 10% of the ticket sales. Pam Carlisle said that she would have been cheaper. According to John, on top of this, Mersch theatre did not fulfil their promises as regards publicity. Despite this, Mersch would like NWTC to perform there again, perhaps in the 2020-2021 season. Ann Overstall said that it was a good venue from the perspective of accessibility and parking. Christine Probst pointed out that there was no income from the bar.

Proposed: Valerie Scott                Seconded: Rose Flammant

The Meeting resolved to approve the Treasurer’s Report.

5.2 Auditor’s Report: Ailhbe Jennings said that there were no problems with the accounts and agreed to stay on as Auditor for the year 2019-2020.

The Meeting resolved to approve the annual accounts and the appointment of the auditor.

  1. Discharge of the 2018/2019 committee

Christine Probst thanked all the committee members for their contribution to a successful year.  Chris Wilson wished to give the outgoing committee a big thank you for all their work over the past year.

The Meeting resolved to discharge the members of the committee who had served during the 2018/2019 year.

  1. Election of new committee

All except Derek Meijers were prepared to stay on for a further year. Pam Carlisle said that she might consider going on the committee, but would not drive at night. Alan Carlisle said that he was prepared to help with the website but did not want to go on the committee.

Proposed: Chris Albrecht               Seconded: Alan Carlisle

The Meeting resolved that the committee for 2019/2020 should be composed as follows: Christine Probst, Pauline Lloyd, Valerie Scott, Rose Flammant, Niamh Power, Susanne Storgards, and further resolved that Pam Carlisle could join later during the year.

  1. Any Other Business

Christine Probst said that the committee were looking to bring the Club’s articles up to date. The committee would work on a new version which would be brought forth as a proposal at next year’s AGM to be voted on.

There was a discussion about FEATS 2022 which will be held in Luxembourg. Chris Albrecht stated that he would be prepared to go out and get some funding for this event.  Valerie Scott said that the theatre in Esch-sur-Alzette had been approached, via Dom Vitali, as to whether it would be available for FEATS that year.  NWTC would have to put in a proposal by 31st July.  John Brigg has agreed to lead the proposal project and Chris Albrecht said he would be happy to help. The theme is “Remix”.  It was suggested that the Club needs a sub-committee to look at the bid and details costs etc.  Valerie Scott said that John Brigg would like to use this as a platform for changing FEATS procedures. John concurred.  Philip Dutton said that John’s ideas would make it more difficult for the organising committee.  John said that NWTC cannot afford the Esch theatre without a subsidy. Philip said that NWTC needs to have a fall-back solution. Lesley Chesters added that the Esch theatre had been very supportive to the University in projects that they had performed there.

Chris Albrecht asked if there was any news on the barn. Valerie replied that it seemed that the houses on either side were being demolished, so it would be an island of storage.

The Meeting closed at 21.00

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg