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2016-2017 Committee

Your Club needs you! Two members of the committee will step down in June 2017 - click here for more information

The  2016-7 Committee first met on 21 August 2015 when it appointed roles. The Committee members are:











 Chris Albrecht 



  Pauline Lloyd


 Rose Flammant

Membership Secretary

 Valerie Scott


and also Julie Fraser (Communication (website/newsletter & club eveings member)

You can find out more about each member's history with NWTC and reason for working on the Committee by clicking on their names above and find out more about the Committee's work by visiting the Committee's diary.

Committee meetings

The Committee scheduled the following meetings for the 2016- season (host)

 30 August 2016 (Chris)

2 October 2016 (Pauline)

6 November 2016 (Rose)

11 December 2016 (Julie)

8 January 2017 (Valerie)

5 February 2017 (Chris)

5 March 2017 (Pauline)

9 April 2017 (Rose)

7 May 2017 (Julie)

4 June 2017 (Valerie)

19 June 2017 AGM



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